Sinergi Rekta Denta (SRD) provides profesional teams and solid to support and assist our costumers to find solutions related to SITAC (Site Acquistion) and CME (Civil Mechnical Electrical) services.

SRD Site Acquisition (SITAC) teams will research and review all suitable locations for your network expansion requirements. Our work process including: Site searching at the required coordinates, We will get target to identify three potential site candidates within the customer’s selected area, the potential site candidates may be existing towers or locations for build-to-suite opportunities; Site Survey Report (TSSR) to the customers. 

For Civil Mechanical Engineering (CME) construction, we have prepared teams are skilled and experienced in infrastructure design, implementation, maintenance support. These teams are highly responsive to timetable management and at all times do their work to achieve a responsive, complete and reliable solution to support the coverage needs of our customers. We have many costumers using our services susch as Telecom Operators and Energy Company.