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Sinergi Rekta Denta (SRD) was established on December 2011 in responding to technologies market demands by developed a system integrator company which has extensive exposures to the technology driven solutions. We have successfully participated in prestige project with experience, professional teams and strong technical expertise.

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Telco Solutions

Sinergi Rekta Denta (SRD) provides professional teams and solid to support and assist our costumers to find solutions related to SITAC (Site Acquisition...

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IT Solutions

Sinergi Rekta Denta (SRD) will help a business identify the appropriate program to serve the business by conducting cost evaluation and help to get the best out of the program and also assist in ...

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Power System Solution

Power System Solutions specializes in the delivery of a comprehensive array of services including designing, commissioning, products and maintenance for industrial and utility clients. We provides electrical...

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