Sinergi Rekta Denta (SRD) will help a business identify the appropriate program to serve the business by conducting cost evaluation and help to get the best out of the program and also assist in the integration of the latest applications in the current business model. They do this smoothly while solving the incompatibility issues between the old and new system. Our team will make effective plans in customizing and adding latest features to the software applications to meet the highest needs of your business while keeping the risks in sight.

IT solutions1SRD will eliminate unnecessary things and processes from the company’s IT system that causes deficiency in the productivity of the business. Our team make ways to simplify and improve the flowing process of the business organization. This is to further enhance and support the infrastructure of a certain business to produce desired revenues. Our IT services including Service Delivery Application, IT Security Management and Solutions. 





SRD is focused on providing major telecommunications operators with the technology and services solutions to compete in a fast-changing market. SRD has proven expertise to design, deploy and support across several technology domains including : Transport Network, Network Planning & Optimization, Unified Communication (VOIP).